Before The Inspection Begins

Be sure that all utilities are on, including water, electric and gas.

The hot water heater should be on and up to operating temperature.

All personal items should be clear of all acces points to attics, crawlspace, ect.   

Please provide a copy of any sellers disclosure or other pertinant information to the inspector.

Expect the home inspection process to typically take 2-3 hours.

During the Inspection Process

Please allow the inspector to work without interuption. This will allow full concentration of the inspector.

The inspector will give a brief outline of the property condition following the inspection.

 Home inspection narrative reports are tailored to meet  

   ASHI Standards and Practices.

 Our reports are delivered via E-mail within 24 hours of the end of the property inspection. 

 Rates are typical, however they may vary due to the age of the property. 

 Inspection reports include photographs of suspect conditions.  A DVD of all of the inspection pictures, ( generally about 75 to 200) will be mailed to the  client following the inspection.

 For reports delivered via postal mail, please add $25.00 to the cost and one additional day for delivery of the inspection report

 Why Should I Have A Property Inspected? 

      One Item Alone Can Cover The Cost Of The Home Inspection.

  We have never seen a defect free property. Any property can be undermined by poor construction and deferred maintenance. Beyond the obvious defects, the "bones" of a property tell the story. Evaluating the property comes down to identifying  and reporting the cause and effect of a significant defect that may be concealed or inaccessible.

 What is a Material Defect?

  We define a material defect to be a specific issue with a system or component that may have a significant impact on the value of the property or the safety of the occupants. Material defects are generally described a something that will not perform as expected or is improperly installed or maintained. Material defects are mostly included in the " Most Significant Defects" section of the report. Maintenance and improvements issues are also reported. Generaly the buyer will determind the significance of the material defects reported

                                                                                                                 The Inspection Agreement

The inspection agrrement outlines the scope and conditions of the property inspection. This agreement must be signed by the client before the inspection report is released.     Sample inspection agreement                                                                                   

                                                                                                          The Radon Testing Process

  Radon testing is administered with two test procedures.

1.   A digital radon detection device, which will give initial test results within 48-96 hours of placement.

2.  A charcoal test which is sent to a lab, which will give test results that will confirm initial test results.  7-10 days after placement.

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                                                                                                       5 Tips on Hiring a Home Inspector 

We offer 5 tips on hiring a home inspector:

1.  Obtain an inspection from someone that has an unbiased opinion. Be wary of inspectors from realtors preferred vendors list. It is illegal in some states for inspection firms to pay to be on these lists, but not in Delaware. Some inspectors pay a fee to be listed with realtors that will use the inspector that raises the least amount of issues.
2.  Obtain your inspection from a knowledgeable inspector with roots in the construction trade. Some inspectors have insufficient background knowledge and experience. Ask them about their construction background.
3.  Be expected to participate in the inspection process by the inspector. Attend the inspection to best understand the issues raised by the home inspector.
4.  Expect that all accessible areas be examined.  Expect your inspector to have the means to inspect the roof.  Every crawl space that is 18 inches or more tall should be entered.

5.   Be sure that your inspector is licensed and insured. Most states require this.