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Linda Spencer
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Feb 2, 2015
Rick is a great home inspector, he took his time looking over the property
 that I will purchase. He explained everything in detail. I would recommend
 him to anyone who needs a good home inspector.

Cathy Williams 
Rick is a true home inspection professional.
 I have worked in real estate for over 16 years and seen many inspections and reports. 
Rick's prior home construction experience is evident in his careful review of a home and his very 
detailed reports. I recommend using Rick to inspect!

Dan Stein 
Richard thanks for the inspection.  I wanted to let you know that you did a great job and found a lot of
 issues.  Your inspection was very thorough and you were very professional.  I was hesitant about 
spending the money when everyone kept saying it is new construction don?t bother, but this was
 definitely money well spent.  I had an inspection on my previous home which was also new
 construction and he found basically nothing, but after seeing your report and knowing what I had
 to fix and address over the 7 years I had that home, it tells me that I may not have gotten the best 
inspection from that group.  There were a lot of similar things that were in that home that I had to fix
 on my own.  That inspection was very short and more or less just to say it was done for the bank
 I am afraid.  I spoke with the building manager today about the findings and they will be addressing
 everything prior to closing.  We actually walked the entire house with your report and discussed
 how they would correct them so I am extremely satisfied all around.  
I will certainly give your name out for those looking for an inspection and if you ever need a
 reference feel free to use me as a contact!!!!  Thanks again.

Hi Rick 

 I read your report. You did a very nice job on this! Thank you for

 documenting. I have already informed my Realtor in order for me to go

 to settlement all this has to be properly fixed. Especially the water

 problems, insect infestations and rodents! And all safety violations

 and foundation issues grading and gutter extensions, mold. Everything

 in your report.. 

Nice job on this. Thank you so much for the information! 

 You're the man! 

Jim M



Thank you for the thorough report. Also please accept our gratitude for your professionalism

 and the courtesies while conducting the inspection. Our Realtor found the best person for the job,

 period. She is the greatest Realtor. Thanks again. 

David F.


Ashley Neurell

Richard is great at what he does! As a first time Home Buyer he saved me from
buying a property that was a disaster and I am so grateful. I recommend him to anyone that's
buying a home. He provided me with pictures and video for the inspection..


Richard — 

This report is amazingly detailed.  As a single woman, I really can’t thank you enough.

In the past, I’ve had “home inspectors” not walk the roof.  Or look carefully in crawl spaces.

Their cavalier attitudes cost me thousands in repairs in my two prior homes. 

I really appreciate and respect the very detailed care you apply to your inspections.

You have given me all the information I need to make such a very important decision. 

(Please feel free to include my recommendation on your website.  Quotes from happy customers always mean an awful lot

to people searching the web.  I’m a retired Marketing/Communications business owner.)  


Again, thank you.